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Life continually presents new challenges. We often respond to new challenges with old familiar coping strategies that once were effective, but now may actually hinder rather than help. My goal is to work with you to gain insight to help manage difficult life challenges you face.

While we cannot change unfortunate life events, you and I can work together to identify strategies that help you better adjust to or accept the events and their consequences. Whether you are faced with unfair, unfortunate events that have happened to you; or you are having to manage consequences of poor choices you have made, please know there is hope!

If the challenge you are facing is related to the death of a loved one, please accept my condolences. While death is a part of life, the death of a loved usually means a significant adjustment for the survivors. You and I can work together to help you process and adjust to this difficult experience.

Therapy is hard work, but it is very rewarding. I look forward to speaking with you about the possibility of working together. You may call or email me for a therapy appointment.

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